Buy a Home, Build a Community

ACTS currently provides the following services to increase home ownership. ACTS provides these services through local churches in three target neighborhoods . In each of church, an employee of ACTS administers our housing program.  CLICK! to get started.

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  • Homebuyer Counseling Services 
    Families and individuals participate in one-on-one, free, HUD-approved, and confidential sessions with ACTS counseling staff.  The goal of the services is to develop an individualized road map on personal finances and credit management success in order to become a homebuyer. Sessions include lessons on obtaining free annual credit report, review of credit history, establishing good credit sources, budgeting, overcoming personal finance and credit obstacles, presenting financial information to lenders in order to qualify for mortgage loans, obtaining a pre-approval for a loan, applying for a loan, accessing grant money and specialized loan products, and other steps towards homeownership.    CLICK! to get started.

  • Home Sales Services
    ACTS home sales staff can represent families and individuals in real estate sales transactions. As licensed Realtors, ACTS home sales staff develops comprehensive lists of homes meeting client housing needs and affordability, coordinates and attends home showings, assesses general condition of homes when possible, writes offers to purchase, develops buying strategies, assists with negotiations of sales contracts, and coordinates all aspects of the journey from an executed sales contract to the final closing. ACTS also assists sellers of real estate and can provide home listing services at a competitive commission.     CLICK! to get started.

  • Rehab Management Services
    ACTS rehab management staff represents families during coordination and execution of rehab plans. As experienced rehab professionals, staff can assist homebuyers with the creation of an itemized list of all repairs needed for decent, safe, sanitary, and affordable occupancy. Staff can assist participants with obtaining proposals from qualified contractors to perform each repair.  Once final rehab contracts are executed, ACTS staff assists homeowners with expediting their rehab project. ACTS rehab management service also includes assisting families to access specialized grant and loan products for specific rehab projects, coordinating volunteer rehab experiences for church groups and others, and providing professional rehab advice to homeowners completing sweat equity projects.    CLICK! to get started.